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While you’re modeling the story, compare the definitions from the specification MGL file with the behavior of the modeling tool.

graphModel PetriNet {
   package info.scce.cinco.product.petrinetpaper
   nsURI ""
   iconPath "icons/petri-icon.png"
   diagramExtension "pn"

   node Place {
      outgoingEdges (PlaceTransitionArc)
      incomingEdges (TransitionPlaceArc)
      attr EInt as token

   node Transition {
      outgoingEdges (TransitionPlaceArc)
      incomingEdges (PlaceTransitionArc)

   edge PlaceTransitionArc { }

   edge TransitionPlaceArc { }

   @style(txt, "${label}")
   node Txt {
   	  attr EString as label